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Why should I hire an interior decorator?

Hiring KDI will save you time, money and give you the desired result of a well planned, decorated and useable space. Your home is your biggest investment, KDI can help it look it's best. 


What is the process?

A design consultation is scheduled at the clients home.  At this appointment the client shares their needs, wants and vision for the space.  The designer will photograph and measure the space and discuss the initial budget.  Within a few days the client will receive a proposal to review along with a contract and decide whether they choose to proceed. Design fee is based on size of the project, details of the project and project budget.  

How long until my space is complete?

There is no set answer to this question.  Many factors contribute to the length of a project:  availability of trades, shipping times for furniture delivery, length of time the client takes to make product selections, etc.  Each project is unique.   On average a new build project is 9-18 months and a kitchen or bath remodel 12-16 weeks, a room decorating project 4-8 weeks.

What if I don't live in North Dallas, TX or the Boone, NC area?

Karen Dawson Interiors has worked on projects in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, and Illinois.  If you are interested in  working with KDI, contact us with details of your project for consideration.

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